Galaxia Diamond "Lotus And Frog" Ring

Galaxia Diamond "Lotus And Frog" Ring
Galaxia Diamond "Lotus And Frog" Ring
By: Galatea


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Like the stars and interstellar particles that make up a galaxy, the Galaxia™ from Galatea sparkles with its own galaxy of lab-grown diamond druzy. This spectacular jewelry features a patent-pending bonding process that allows hundreds of the tiny, dazzling particles to permanently adhere to pearls and precious metals, creating all the sparkle and brilliance of traditionally set gemstones. With each piece of Galaxia jewelry, thousands of lab-grown "baby diamonds," set without using glue or prongs, sparkle and dance in the light. It's a new kind of invisible setting for these extremely small particles, and it's taken years for Galatea to harness a way to unleash their beauty.


14K yellow gold and sterling silver

Yellow lab-grown diamond druzy

Pearl size: 7mm

Dimensions: 26mm x 22mm